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We specialise in helping businesses get the most out of their data. We help businesses by developing databases, integrating digital tools, providing insightful reporting and guided digital transformation.

This is not just an image! This is a map report using geographical data to plot where in the world we have helped businesses so far!

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We help businesses get their hands on their Key Performance Indicator’s (KPIs) faster and with more insight.

We work with data from any source and use Tableau to create bespoke reports that provide more insight at the click of a button.




If you are using more than one digital tool, then it is likely you are transferring the same information from one tool to another on a regular basis.

This is time consuming and often leads to inaccuracies, which results in more time lost investigating in the future!

So if you use tools like Xero, QuickBooks, Office 365, Google Drive (and many others) then now is time to get your tools working smarter!

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Save time, and get more insight from any data source on our MI 99 plan.

Access reports online or offline depending on your needs.




We build databases in the Ninox platform.


We build all types of database, such as CRMs, ERPs, anything! We also work with businesses to develop their own Ninox solution further.



All Ninox databases are accessible anywhere, anytime and are available through pre built iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android Apps.​

Ninox is affordable, reliable and scalable.



Not quite sure yet? This is what our customers say:

"Our teams now spend time working on the actions borne from the data rather than spending time analysing it."

"The work done by Arctec has given me a highly organised tool that I can now access anywhere and that I can update in real time very easily."

"We were able to get a basic model up and running relatively quickly, so we could see how it was working and tweak it from there. The system now works excellently for us."


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