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We specialise in helping businesses get the most out of their data. We help businesses by developing databases, integrating digital tools and providing insightful reporting.

We have over 8 years working experience of market leading data visualisation platforms.

We have helped deploy these in SMEs over the years and seen the enormous benefit that on demand data can have in making key business decisions.

This is why we are committed to helping deliver this same flexibility and insight into all SME’s.



If you are using more than one digital tool, then it is likely you are transferring the same information from one tool to another on a regular basis.

This is time consuming and often leads to inaccuracies, which results in more time lost investigating in the future!

So if you use tools like Office 365, Google Drive, then now is time to get your tools working smarter!



Ninox is a database platform that operates in the cloud.

This means that from the beginning, all of your data is securely stored off site and also allows for easy collaboration between users in firms running different operating systems (like Windows, Mac etc).

As an Advanced Partner of Ninox, we can work with you to develop the database solution you need, whatever your use case!

If you are looking for a database solution that is affordable, reliable and scalable, then please get in touch with us to see the power of Ninox!


Not quite sure yet? This is what our customers say:

Gourmet Guide Ltd

We previously managed all data in Google Sheets but wanted to know what was going on, in less time.

After working with Arctec, we were able to produce informative reports in no time and then use these to actually acquire new customers!

I would recommend using Arctec to others. Especially any that are storing information in spreadsheets on a daily basis.



Want to know more?

Feel free to give us a call on 0333 772 9456.

Alternatively, drop us a message and we will get back to you.

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